Submission Guidelines


Important Dates: 

June 30:                         Paper Submission Link Opens
August 15:                     Paper Submission Deadline
Late September:        Acceptance/Rejection Notification
October 14:                  Early Registration Deadline
October 14:                  Final Drafts Due
November 1:                Registration Deadline
November 2:                Presentations Due
November 5-6:           Conference


We welcome all papers that investigate topics in economic development. There will be roughly 49 sessions and we anticipate a total of 196 papers being presented.


Only full drafts of papers will be considered. Please submit a paper with an abstract not exceeding 300 words for the August 15 deadline. The final and completed version of all accepted papers must be received by October 14, 2015.


To ensure that all fonts, symbols, and equations appear the way they were originally typed, please submit your document in PDF format.



Final versions of all accepted papers are due by October 14th. Please upload the final paper to Conference Maker and use the following naming convention:


X is your session number and Y is the last name of the presenter. 


Papers Accepted as Posters 
There will be space to display 20 posters during the conference reception on Saturday, November 5. In deciding whether to accept a submission as a conference paper or a poster, the selection committee will consider whether (I) the paper works well as a poster (its results can be conveyed with a few striking graphs, figures or tables) and (II) the paper is too short for a full presentation. The committee will also reserve poster slots for papers that could not fit into conference sessions because of constraints on time.


For more on creating and presenting a poster, please click here.


Presentations and Discussions 
Each paper presentation will be 15 minutes long, with 5 minute discussions and 5 minutes of questions/comments from the audience.
Presenters should create presentations that can be displayed using a computer since other modes of presenting material, such as overhead projectors, will not be available. Again, to ensure that all fonts, symbols, and equations appear the way they were originally typed, please submit your document in PDF format. Although all conference computers will carry Microsoft’s PowerPoint software, certain fonts may not be displayed as they were intended if the presentation was created using a different version of the software.
Presenters and discussants must submit their presentations electronically by November 2. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a back up on a USB stick to the conference. Additionally, if you update your slides after the November 32nd deadline,  you can upload your presentation to the session computer using a USB stick at your session. You should arrive early at the session in order to do this.


Please use the following naming convention when submitting your presentations and discussions in advance:


Where X is your session number and Y is your last name. Please email presentations to


All Other Issues:
Questions? Email